Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Now Pronounce Thee…

May I just say I love weddings? I really do. Although there is plenty of reason to be resentful over equal rights and such, nothing can beat a good wedding. I definitely have my fair share of cynicism in regards to marriage and Utah culture (too young, too fast,…too horny…). Since getting back from my mission, I've been to a number of weddings and receptions for friends in every situation you can imagine: LDS and non-LDS friends; college, high school, and mission friends; and even some of the girls who went out with me.

I am not quite sure why I sometimes go out of my way to find even the weakest excuse to attend nuptial festivities. Perhaps it's the calorie-dense food? The carefree, positive ambiance? The opportunity to dress in a three-piece suit? Likely, the answer is a clichéd "all of the above." This might explain why I've considered taking up the weekend pastime of wedding crashing.

It's perhaps the most unique of date ideas. Pull out the society page from the local paper, and hop from wedding reception to wedding reception, and introduce yourself as a cousin or friend of some sort. It has the ingredients of a great time: free food, social interaction, and adventure (especially if someone accuses you of trespassing…). Morally gray hijinks aside, some of my fondest memories and most embarrassing memories are associated with weddings and as the wedding of one of my dearest friends approaches, I've decided to share some of those moments.

End, Part 1.


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